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Obsession Beyond Compare
Five years of a translated heart
Of eyes that ceased to stare
Lessons spent writing your name
Crying at home in despair
I carried on with this facade
Never releasing the truth
I lusted,yearned with a strength of emotion
Far too strong for my youth
Those corrupt kisses we shared
It was for only those I cared
Only you I craved
But as the years slowly crept on
My means of attracting you became depraved
I flaunted my young flesh
Enchanted you with my airs
Until you finally took me right there under the stairs
My soul soared as a dove
As my heart swelled with love
Yet what was this emptiness?
Where did you go?
Why did you leave me?
My every heartbeat your name
Every tear the same
I screamed from the torture
The exquisite pain
A puppet on your string I carried on
Until I could no longer hang
And with that last kiss on my lips
I became insane
Now you lie there so still
I bid you no ill
What I wanted was never mine
Only you
Nothing more
So i'll join you on the floor
as my heart slowly s
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Gazing into the soul of hope :iconsomberchild:somberchild 0 1
Mature content
Come with me :iconsomberchild:somberchild 0 2
You stare into my soul
Stripping me bare
Yet making me whole
I feel as though i've lost it all
Yet gained everything I ever needed,wanted,yearned for
My questions now seem answered
Yet my answers have no meaning
I've become delirious,lost all sense
Yet you make the most truth yet
Where can I seek when i've nothing to find
I weep silently for the girl I left behind
The question was what drove her
But then you came
She found her answer
Now here you lay
Perfect yet so flawed
Unusre of what to do anymore
When perfection is gained
For what do we yearn?
as we can no longer learn
So we seek for what we have always had
Making self-contained misery
Revelling in our sadness
The one thing we have left
Bereft of any ambition
At the happiness of our condition
So we pull the darkness up from deep inside
And smother ourselves in our pathetic pride
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Remeberance of warmth
Lay here with me for this short while
A shadow of our former glory
When we ran gleefully through the sun filled days
Tricked by the summer's promise to eternal stay
And kiss us with her sweet lips whilst we whiled our time away
As the cruel claws of winter lay,hidden,waiting to prey
We knew not our time would indeed be so short
Swept away joyfully on a sea of empty promises
Wanting only to live in the moment,regardless of tommorow
All it promised was solemnity,loneliness,woe
But tomorrow is here today,that I now know
When another summer comes dancing in again
We will once again be fooled by our fickle,fairweather friend
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Belonging to one.
You are me
A piece of the puzzle
The heart of the jewel
The part that is cruel
The blue in my eyes
My saviour,my demise
My enemy,my friend
My captive,my hero
My heart,my brain
My spotannaiety,my refrain
My evil,my good
My ''shouldn't'', my ''should''
My body,my soul
My nothing,my all
My trust,my suspicion
Only you are me,that can be no other
But above all else,you are my lover.
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Im weary
struggling through these darkened days
wondering if you were here to stay
searching for answers that can never be mine
they say all you ever need is time
but its the one thing your money cannot buy
I stand and sigh
For the tears that I cannot cry
i feel so old
yet am so young
but it feels that soon my years will be done
im tired
struggling on
soon this meaningless pity will be done
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I'll keep you in this box
Locked away from the sins of the world
Your porcelain skin remains perfect
Unblemished by the worries of this existence
You can be my perfect secret
Untouched by the hands of men
Eternal youth blesses your angelic face
As you sleep forever in this hidden place
I love you,always have,always will
Even though you lay there , so still
I refused to believewhen they said you were ill
Took you away where they could not reach you
Wanting so badl to keep you happy,keep you safe
When you closed your eyes that lst time
I couldn't lose you,the one thing that's mine
So I found the best way for us to be together
Hidden from prying eyes
My child,my baby,a ting image of me
Snatched away from my arms
But while mother is here,you will come to no harm
When my time comes,we will finally be together
I told them right from the start you are mine.
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You're everything i'm not
You have everything I cannot have
You've smiled the smiles I wanted
You have cried the tears I wanted to shed
I have been dealt a bad hand
Forced to live in your shadow
Unoticed,unmissed ,unwanted
But the one thing I have that'll never be yours
The one thing you can't take away
Is the truth ,lying deep in our heart
That you're livng a lie everyday
When ''your'' lips utter false words
And ''your''eyes reflect false feelings
There I am to remind you of the life you stole
That you can never be whole
Living my life
I'll cause you so much strife
Until you can't take anymore
Until you walk out that door
And I become number one once more
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It's gone
Its Gone
Things turned so quickly
one minute you're there,the next your gone
why didn't you tell me?
I couldn't have handled it?
Did you really think that?
Life is what we make it
if your're offered a chance,please please take it
We are the lucky ones,
at the start of our journey
So many lessons to be learnt
Inevitably,sometimes we'll be hurt
We'll feel happiness,we'll feel pain
We'll never see some people again
But as you journey remember this
you'll never forget your first love
your first kiss
And after all those years
They'll be the one you really miss
Scarlett Carrinna Mckeown
Copyright 2004 Scarlett Carrinna Mckeown
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If only it had been different
I stand and stare
I wonder why
my heart it mourns
my soul is numb
the way you have me under your thumb
over the years we became one
but others came and ripped us apart
their jealousy seared my heart
twoso different
yet the same
never want to feel such pain again
im too young to feel this way
its too strong it makes me sway
my speech is unspoken
my words are unwritten
by the jealousy of love i have been bitten.
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I could eat peach all day long
Because its temptation is so strong
The golden skin draws me in
Making me go against myself,making me sin
I'll never care if its forbidden
I'll only eat more
if they try to take away peach,i'll walk out the dooR
They tried to say peach was poison
how could this be?
When peach tastes so good
And peach was meant for me?
When peach ends,i'll go berserk
Peach is running through my mind
when i undo your shirt.
Peach,you are my heartbeat.
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Mature content
About a girl :iconsomberchild:somberchild 0 1


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United Kingdom
So i've been doing a lot of soul searching lately,despite how pompous that sounds,and i've coem to the conclusion that i'm going to saty with stuart,im finally at a stage in my life where I can give myself completely utterly and truely to someone knowing that they love me and I love them.It is perfect in its simplicity it really is.
It is stuarts family birthday party on saturday which I am looking forward to,just so he realises just how many people love him and how truely blessed we all are to have him in our lives,because we are,we really and truely are.
It pains me so much to know that one day he could grow tired of me and forget about how much deep down we really do have together,that is the one fundamental reason I know I love him,because im so scared of losing what we have,worring about the future when I should be enjoyinh what we have today
I feel the need to have the odd stint with recreational drugs at the moment which is why im going to do shrooms agan in a week or so,I have grown tired of having to focus my mind on intellectual rambling and shall now let my mind wander free to follow its own unrestrained path with the aid of halluconagenic drugs.
Good times are ahead people!


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grand-curio Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004
hey scarlett, welcome to :devart:. keep posting good stuff :)

ketchup-suicide Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2004
Hi! :)

and welcome to DA :hug:

I hope you have a great time and enjoy it ^___^
somberchild Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2004
thanks very much!its nice to feel welcomed!:wave: